Drone Reeds

Celtworks carries a wide selection of drone reeds, something for every style of piper and every make of pipe. Some reeds sound better in a certain kind of pipe, some are better for solos than bands, and still others work well in just about any kind of pipe. Read the descriptions below carefully to see what product best suits your needs. Still unsure? Call or email us for more information.

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Cane Drone Reeds
Set of 3 $16.50

Canning Drone Reeds
Designed to recreate the sound of cane, these reeds generate the richest harmonics ever to be created from synthetic reeds. The full bass and resonant tenors together make these a good selection for either bands or solos. $119.98

Crozier Carbon Drone Reeds
These reeds operate with a curved body which allows the flat carbon fiber tongue to vibrate. The reeds are very easy to set up using the airtight tuning plug and bridle for tonal alterations and have been designed for pipers ranging from beginners to the $113.00

Crozier Glass Drone Reeds
These reeds are very easy to set up using the airtight tuning plug and bridle for tonal alterations. Suitable for pipers who prefer a smoother, more mellow tone from their drones. $113.00

Crozier Omega Drone Reeds
The reed bodies are curved down to allow the flat carbon fiber tongue to vibrate. Replacing the traditional bridle is a tuning clip that slides on a small track on the reed and is fixed into position with a small grub screw. A very steady reed. $150.00

Crozier Synthetic Cane Drone Reeds
These are the second generation of the original "Ross Reed" and equal to their predecessor in operation and performance, but with a modern body design. Suitable for today's high pitches. Good for band or solos. $135.00

Ezee Drone Inverted Base Reed
Inverted tongue on bass drone reed. For bass drones that are difficult to strike in. $42.00

Ezee Drone Reeds
The most popular synthetic reed sold world-wide. Works well on almost all pipes, bands and solos. $85.00

Ezee Drone Reeds with Inverted Bass
The most popular synthetic reed sold world-wide, with an inverted bass. Works well on almost all pipes, bands and solos. $85.00

Henderson Harmonic Drone Reed
Plastic drone reeds, made in central Scotland by Murray Henderson. Carbon fiber tongue, very easy to tune, with a very mellow tone. Similar to the Ezeedrone reed; these can also be set with an adjustable screw. Great sound and lasts for ages. $99.00

Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds
These reeds are incredibly steady & require very little maintenance. Available with "regular" or "lower pitch" bass reed. The regular bass suits most older sets of pipes, while the lower pitch bass works very well in newer pipes. A great solo reed. $120.00

Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds
The Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone reed was redesigned in 2013 to improve the brightness and brilliance of the tenor reeds.These reeds are extremely air efficient. They are easy to set-up and offer excellent moisture resistance. $120.00

MG Drone Reeds
Made in Scotland by Rory Grossar. They are very well matched to the McCallum Bagpipes. They have proven to give a rich, steady drone sound. $75.00

Selbie Drone Reeds
These reeds have an injection-molded tongue, a patented T-joint tongue/body attachment, and an airtight locking-nut tuning screw. They have a strong bass sound and pleasant steady tenors--good for band or solos. $89.00

Shepherd Drone Reeds, Old Style
One of the original sets of all plastic drone reeds, the Shepherd all plastic reed was revolutionary when it came out. This reed offers a nice alternative for the piper who does not play too often, but wants the ease of a plastic drone reed. $52.50

Shepherd Replacement Tongues SM90
The "blue tongue" SM90 Reeds are easy to replace. Sold in a complete set, 1 bass and 2 tenor. $15.00

Shepherd Replacement Tongues, Old Style
This set of "white" replacement tongues are meant for the Shepherd Original Plastic Drone Reeds. Sold in a complete set of three: 1 bass and 2 tenor. $15.00

Shepherd SM90 Drone Reeds
These reeds are the latest offering from Shepherd plastic drone reeds. They have better tone than the original and come with the addition of a telescopic adjustment to allow for optimum tuning for your drones. $75.00