Electronic Practice Chanters

There are several on the market, however, we feel for the price, sound quality, and reliability, Fagerstrom and Deger are hard to beat.

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Fagerstrom TechnoChanter
This full size electronic practice chanter comes complete with headphones so no one else can hear you practice. The unit shuts down after a period of inactivity to conserve battery power. Uses 3 1.5 volt batteries. $289.00

Fagerstrom TechnoPipes
The TechnoPipes have a lot more options than the TechnoChanter; authentic Highland Bagpipe sound with E or D drones and two different smallpipe sounds; a built-in metronome; recordable playback capabilities, and midi output. Uses 1 AAA battery. $399.00

M35 Deger Electronic Pipes
Same size and finger spacing as a long practice chanter. Three octaves. Drone volume is variable & can also be turned off. Switch between Highland Pipes/Smallpipes. Chanter has dual output: phono and MIDI. Plug in your headphones or connect to speakers. $580.00