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Dunbar Pipe Chanter -- Poly
One of the best pipe chanters on the market today. Reeds easy and good for bands or soloists. $199.95

Dunbar Pipe Chanter Blackwood
This is one of the best blackwood pipe chanters on the market today -- good for bands and soloists. $279.95

McCallum B Flat Chanter
This poly chanter is pitched to B flat to assist with matching the highland bagpipe with traditional instruments. It uses regular pipe reeds and fits the typical chanter stock. Play with guitars, fiddles, pianos, etc. with ease! $175.00

Shepherd Blackwood Chanter
One of the most popular chanters on the market today, this changer has been consistently used by some of the world's best pipe bands for years. The chanter has a well-balanced scale, and good volume. $359.95

Shepherd Orchestral Chanter
The Orchestral Poly Pipe chanter was designed so that pipers could play with other instruments. The chanter is pitched at around 440 hz. It has the same quality sound that Shepherd Pipe chanters are known for, but with a lower pitch. $195.00