Pipe Bags

Celtworks carries a large array of pipe bags in small,extended small, medium, or large. Please indicate size preference with your order.

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Bannatyne Hide Zipper Bag
The Bannatyne hide zipper bag provides the underarm feel of a traditional skin bag but with the low maintenance interior of a synthetic bag.Sizes- Sm. ExSm. Med. and Willie Mc. Special which is 10.00 extra. $219.00

Bannatyne Synthetic Bag
This synthetic pipe bag by Bannatyne comes in small, extended small, medium and large sizes. The small size is ideal for smaller players. This bag is fitted with easy-to-fit rubber collars and a swan neck, which provides a comfortable playing position. $170.00

Canmore Standard
Goretex-type synthetic. Maintenance free; no seasoning necessary, naturally supple. Pick up and play anytime, automatic moisture control, easy to assemble; no tying-in necessary. Longer, more hygenic bag-life than natural hide. $175.00

Canmore Zipper
Goretex type synthetic with zipper. $189.00

L&M Hide Bag
All L&M pipe bags are hand-sewn, incorporating approximately 140 hand stitches. When the player is looking for a little more volume of air, the large becomes the bag of choice. It measure slightly longer and deeper than the regular sized bag. $129.00

Lee Goatskin Pipe bag with zipper
Offer's pipers the best of both worlds: the ability to get the vibrant, harmonic chanter sound that comes from Goatskin pipe bags plus the ability to open the zipper and install a moisture control system. Four sizes to choose from.10,10.25,10.5 & 11". $349.00

Lee Sheepskin Bag With Zipper
Sheepskin has the capability of producing an incredibly rich, harmonic sound. The resonance and quality can be hard to beat! Zipper provides you with access to install a mosture control system. $349.00

Moose Bag
A synthetic pipe bag with an airtight zipper. Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. It features rubber collars for the three drones and blowpipe stocks which are placed at the perfect angle for comfort while playing. The collars require no clampi $199.00

Ross Zipper Bag
Synthetic bag with zipper specifically for the Ross system. $229.00

Ross Zipper Bag -- NEW
This colourful new bag is the result of extensive research and the desire to produce a major upgrade from Ross's previous bags. It offers pipers a combination of great comfort, feel and harmonics, and moisture control. $249.00

Ross Zipper Bag with Canister System--NEW
Newly revamped and improved; highly breathable, red suede material, air-tight zip for ease of opening, new canister design for easier connections. Much greater comfort and "feel" to the bags, with a vibrance on a par with sheepskin pipe bags. $349.98

Standard Sheepskin
James Begg sheepskin pipe bag comes in swan or straight neck design. Gives the best sound of any bag and is used by top pipers around the world. $325.00

The Scotian
L&Ms new bag is the most technologically advanced leather pipe bag in the world. Ergonomically designed neck for maximum comfort, efficiency and ease of play. The zipper allows access to bag for easy install of moisture control systems. $195.00