Moisture Control

Celtwork carries the top two moisture control systems on the market today--Ross and V3 Drier.

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Bannatyne Bottle Water Trap
Tube style trap with a collection bottle at the end containing an absorbent material.Must be removed from bag after each playing session and cleaned regularly to prevent mold growth. Easy to install, zipper bag required. $29.95

Bannatyne Canister Moisture Control System
A silica gel-based system gives longer playing time, excellant airflow, great starts and stops, easy to install with direct connection to stocks, adjusts to suit any climate. Comes complete with spare cannister and extra gels. $99.95

Bannatyne Water Retention Sleeve
Deflector tube made of covered, absorbent material. Does not restrict blowing and is very effective at catching moisture before it enters the bag. Compatible with all zippered bags. Remove after each playing session to allow material to dry. $29.95

Ross Canister System -- NEW
This canister system offers the best means of controlling moisture, which means much greater stability of tone and longevity of reeds. A second canister is provided with each complete setup. $114.99