Tenor Drums

Celtwork's sells only Hosbilt tenor drums. The Hosbilt tenors have revolutionized the sound of today's pipeband. In a short period of pipeband history, the sound of the mid-section has changed to become a warmer, richer sound with controlled decay. The drums have become the choice of a number of top competition bands in the world. The standard of good drum sounds has changed forever and Hosbilt has led the way. Features include:
-5.5mm/7ply birch shell
-Hosbilt 'keyfree' turnbuckle tensioning for easy adjustment of top and bottom heads
-Rope style tension design for a truly free floating shell
-Non-corrosive design,ideal for outdoor applications
-Wooden counter-hoops add to free 'open' sound
-Silver powder coat (SPC) fittings standard, white (WPC) and black powder coat (BPC) available
-Everplay drumheads by Remo

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Hosbilt Tenor Drum 396512
Weight: 7.7lbs/3.5kgs; Size 15" X 12" $949.00

Hosbilt Tenor Drum 396612
Weight: 8.4lbs/3.8kgs; Size 16" X 12" $949.00

Hosbilt Tenor Drum 396614
Weight: 9.0lbs/4.1kgs; Size 16" X 14" $999.00

Hosbilt Tenor Drum 396814
Weight: 10.1lbs/4.6kgs; Size 18" X 14" $1029.00

Hosbilt Tenor Drum 397014
Weight: 11.7lbs/5.3kgs; Size 20" X 14" $1079.00