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Andante Bottom Head
14" clear bottom head $18.50

Andante Core-Tec Drum Head
The Core-Tec head is fast becoming one of the most popular drum heads on the market today. This head is a bit thinner therefore you get a better top snare sound and a bit more responsiveness. $64.98

Bottom Head for High Tension Drums
Clear Myler Bottom Head for high tension drums, fits 14" diameter $19.99

Cybermax Premiere Tendura Snare Top
Premier cybermax Heads - Top, model 8337 $59.99

Digital Drum Tuner DT3
This chromatic tuner can be used to tune alto, tenor and bass drums to clearly identifiable pitches. Tuning instructions are included. This tuner should be used in conjunction with a tuning dial for proper set up of the drum. $145.00

Drum Key -- Heavy Duty
This Heavy Duty Drum key will work on both Premier and Peal drums. The extra long handle is great for getting extra tension out of the drums. This is especially important when tuning up a snare drum. $19.95

Premier Bass Head
Premier Bass Head 28", smooth white, model 8068 $58.50

Premier Bass Head
Premier Bass Head 26", smooth white, model 8066 $54.95

Premier Snare
Model 654 $35.00

Premier Snare
Model 655 $35.00

Premier Snare
Model 651 $35.00

Premier Snare
Model 651 $35.00

Premier Snare Bottom
Model 678 for HTS Drum $35.00

Premier Snare Top
Model 667 for HTS Drums $35.00

Remo Bass Head, ebony
Remo 28" Bass Drum Head, model 8028, ebony $50.00

Remo Bass Head, white
Remo 28" Bass Drum Head, model 8028, white $50.00

Remo Tenor Head
Remo 18" Tenor Top or Bottom head model 8016, white or ebony, please specify. $25.50

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