Iain MacInnes



Iain MacInnes - Tryst (1999 December)

11 tracks: Eliza Ross; The Fair Lad; Quicksteps; Victoria Ross; Vatersay Bay; Highland Lassie; Jamie MacInnes; Miss Ferguson; Lowlands; Highland Brigade; Dr MacInnes' Fancy.

With Mairi Campbell (fiddle), William Jackson (harp, fretless bass, piano, laud), James Mackintosh (percussion), Iain MacLeod (mandolin), Tony McManus (guitar) and Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle).

An ex-member of the Tannahill Weavers, Iain was a member of Smalltalk and is currently a member of Ossian. He plays both the Highland bagpipe and smallpipes (and whistles) and produces and presents BBC Radio Scotland's Pipeline programme.

"What shines through here is not just musicality but a deep regard for the music itself" (Jim Gilchrist).