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Beck Valve
The Beck Valve is held in place by a neoprene fitting to the base of the blowpipe stock.This unit gives an excellent delivery of air and is not dependent on back pressure for closure. All this eases blowing, keeping a constant pressure on the reeds. $29.95

Free Flow Valve
Air valve and water trap all in one. $24.95

Little Mac Bagpipe Valve
This handy valve does not restrict blowing; creates an instant airtight seal; needs little or no maintenance; will not dry or wear out; offers top quality and durability. $12.98

Little Mac Tapered Reamer
Allows easy installation of the "Little Mac" valve if it is too large for the blowpipe. The tapered reamer allows an airtight seal. It is done by hand in no time at all. $12.98

Moose Valve
This is a very innovative blowpipe stock valve that is very easy to fit and remove and to fit securely in position. Can be used in any type of bag set up and is fully adjustable from 3/4"-7/8". Fits internal tapered bores with no requirement to ream. $39.95

Rubber Blowpipe Valve
This rubber valve requires no modification to your existing blowpipe. It is a device that by design stays closed giving a complete seal with no drying out. $4.98