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Brand New -- Saul Tuner
The Saul tuner system is unlike any other bagpipe tuner. It is designed specifically to be used with special sensors placed on each of the four separate sound sources of the bagpipe. $389.00

Dalriada - Bagpipe Tuner
This tuner is being used by most of the top pipe bands in the world. It is great for not only tuning the drones, and balancing the chanter, but it is also very precise at tuning the individual notes on the chanter. $689.00

HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner
Dual Color backlit LCD  Chanter & Drones mode  Needle sensitivity contol  Calib. range 400-499Hz  Accuracy +/- 1Hz  Internal Mic  External clip mic included  SMALL & COMPACT $109.00

Highland Bagpiper Tuner HBT2
Easy to use tuner features 5 individual modes- highland bagpipe chanter, drone, metronome, tone generator and chromatic. As a practice tool the HBT2 will monitor pitch, tempo and help achieve even blowing pressure.Microclip included. $159.99

Highland Bagpiper Tuner HBT2, microphone clip
It's innovative shape adjusts to the circumference of the pipes and features a highly sensitive piezo sensor, 1.75m lead, 1/4" male plug and strong clip mechanism with two rubber pads. Cushioned clip, compatible with third-party tuners such as the CA30. $29.95

Korg Electronic Bagpipe Tuner
CA30 Features: compact chromatic tuner, ideal for bagpipes; high-precision LCD needle-type meter for stable tuning; calibration function supports a variety of concert pitches; sound out produces a reference tone from the internal speaker; auto $35.00

Korg Metronome
The MA-30 is the latest offering from Korg's innovative line of metronomes, with new features like volume control and sophisticated rhythms such as triplets and quadruplets with inner beats omitted. Highly visual liquid crystal. $30.00