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Airstream mouthpieces are getting increasingly popular versus the traditional round mouthpieces. Most pipers find Airstream mouthpieces easier to play because they allow more airflow.

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Airstream Blowpipe with Mount
Now available with an optional imitation Ivory projecting mount. It is attractive, light and durable and is compatible with all existing bagpipers. Available in 8"-12" sizes, please indicate. $82.50

Airstream Blowpipe
The mouth-friendly blowpipe has an oval mouthpiece design with tips to hold it in your mouth which prevents slipping and fits the mouth more naturally. Comes in 8"-12" sizes with a built-in Little Mac valve. $75.00

Airstream Mouthpiece
Oval mouthpieces for the airstream blowpipe may be purchased separately. Comes in 3.5", 4.5" and 5.5" sizes. $19.98

Airstream Mouthpiece Deluxe
This mouthpiece is the same as the standard Airstream Mouthpiece with the addition of an imitation ivory bulb. The mouthpiece is available in the 4.5", and 5.5" lengths (please indicate).They fit on any blowpipe. $35.00

Airstream Telescopic Blowpipe
Great product for younger players who are still growing as this blowpipe can be easily be lengthened as the player grows. This blowpipe has all of the same characteristics as the regular Airstream blowpipe. These blowpipes will fit any set of pipes. $99.00